Desktop Application Development

On your site or remote, John can provide a wealth of Desktop Application Development services to your organization.


  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Visual Basic.NET
  • Visual Basic 6/VBA


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL/MariaDb


  • IBM iSeries Access
  • SFTP
  • Email
  • Telnet
  • IBM MQSeries messaging
  • Loftware
  • Fedex Ship Manager Software
  • UPS Worldship


  • Microsoft Access-based equipment inventory and inspection definition and scheduler application
  • Microsoft Access + Oracle application to enhance MARC-CS warehouse management system workflow and reporting
  • Microsoft Access + MS SQL application to manage back-end data from remote host for warehouse reports
  • Microsoft Access + MS SQL + IBM iSeries Access application to manage inventory and pricing updates
  • Microsoft Access + MS SQL + IBM iSeries Access + IBM MQSeries messaging application to manage parcel processing (orders inbound, tracking outbound)
  • Microsoft Access + Loftware application to produce user-demand data-based labels
  • Microsoft Access-based summer childcare manager
  • VB.NET + Telnet application to manage RF unit login, inventory, integration with SAP Console