Parcel Operations and Integration

Need to get control of your Fedex and UPS software?  Need email reporting or integration with your host system?  I can help.


  • Fedex Ship Manager software (standalone and host/remote)
  • Fedex Integrator (FXI) projects
  • UPS Worldship software (standalone and admin/remote)
  • Scale and label printer support


  • ODBC
  • MS SQL Sever
  • MS Access
  • IBM iSeries Access
  • SFTP

Parcel Manager

Parcel Manager is a Microsoft Access-based application that serves as a “dashboard” for your Fedex and UPS parcel operations.  Parcel Manager utilizes pre-built integrations into your Fedex and UPS stations to provide shipment address lookups and capture tracking data.  Parcel Manager can be customized to your operation via a wide range of integrations.  Reports and alerts can be sent via email distribution list.

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